Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bible Colleges Online: 5 Schools and 10 Things To Remember

Looking at Bible colleges online, I recently noticed that many people have an interest in a degree. It's really a great opportunity - you study in a field that benefits your local area, and you study while at home.
When you finish, your neighborhood continues to benefit, and you continue to grow. You can even extend out into missions and outreach programs.
But who are these Bible colleges online? Actually, several schools offer a degree online. There are: Trinity College, Ames, and Christian Leadership College to name a few.
You can also look at Calvary Chapel's program, and the appropriately named OBC, or Online Bible College.
Let's get into the list of what to do:
1. Select Your Field
While it will be an online Bible degree, you still have choices. Be sure you feel comfortable with the degree you will work toward.
2. Requirements
These can be tricky. When you select a program, be sure you understand the real requirements. I once looked at a program for another degree that required me to be on campus for several weeks, even though the degree was called an online degree.
That would be a bad surprise after spending a year on the classes, only to find out you had to shell out more money for an on-campus class and a few weeks away from home.
3. Costs Are Important
Who builds a house without counting the cost, right? Be sure you have a plan for reaching your goal. And check with the school to see if the financial aid office has some help in the form of scholarships, grants, or perhaps loans if you have no other way to finish.
4. Scholarships
Apply for all the private scholarships that you qualify for in your field.
I know this seems like an obvious thing to do, but so many students in your shoes won't ever apply for a scholarship. Not even one. Take the time to apply for scholarships, and you may win some.
It's free money, and you can probably use the help to finish your online college degree.
5. Student Interaction
As you look at the different Bible colleges online, make sure you will get enough interaction with your fellow students. When you graduate, this network can really help you to excel and grow if you keep in touch with them.
6. Church Placement
Will your online school offer you any job placement help? You should check. After all, you will want to use your degree when you finish. If you need to find a job, then you should go to a school that offers some placement assistance.
7. Bibles, Textbooks and Supplies
Some online colleges and universities now offer all online textbooks. Others might guarantee to buy back your books when your class is over if you want to sell it.
And others will bill you over $100 for each textbook and assume you want to keep them all. Look into it - it can save you hundreds of dollars.
8. Technical Equipment
With some much education going online lately, you will want to know what the Bible colleges online you consider require in terms of computers. Also, you can check to see which schools have mobile apps to help you study and keep in touch.
These little things can help you keep up with your classes and communicate with your professors throughout your degree.
9. Time Commitment
Of course, getting a theological degree of any kind online will require some time commitment. Have thought about how much time you have to devote to the program?
Be sure that the program you select will work well with your life. A lock step program can get you done faster, but a more open program will offer more flexibility.
10. Ministry
In getting your degree through one of the Bible colleges online, you might find that you need to participate in a local congregation, maybe as a volunteer. Do you have a church in your area that you like?
Check with your online college so that you can be prepared for these assignments, and benefit the believers in your area.


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